• Apply now for Dirty Old Town! A unique 12-week education programme, dealing with Climate Change, Migration and Crime in relation to our urban surroundings, taking place from 31 January - 22 April 2022. Application deadline: 6 of December 2021
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  • The Independent School for the City and Crimson Historians & Urbanists are ecstatically happy but not at all surprised that our Founding partner Michelle Provoost is this year's laureate of the biannual Rotterdam Maaskant Award. Every other year the prestigious award is given to a person or an organisation that has distinguished itself in the fields of architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture through journalism, teaching, and/or research activities.
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  • For six years Crimson Architectural Historians and journalist/politician Felix Rottenberg have immersed themselves in Hoogvliet, the modernistically planned New Town in the harbour area of Rotterdam. Their mission was to transform this bland and boring borough into a vibrant urban area. While the biggest housing demolition project of the Netherlands was being carried out around them, they tried to respond to the challenges posed by Hoogvliet and by thousands of similar post-war towns and housing projects over the whole world.
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  • Our cities are increasingly defined by the dynamics of temporary inhabitants: expats, refugees, international students and migrant workers are moving in and out. How can cities better adapt to this phenomenon, that has always shaped and defined urban development but will even more do so in the future? A City of Comings and Goings is an international research and development project supported by EFL Foundation and BPD developers.
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  • During the post war period, modernist urban planning was seen by both capitalist as communist countries as an instrument of Cold War politics, embodying values and ideology. Cities in the new nation states in Africa, Asia and Latin America were planned and/or designed with support of the USSR or the USA, to win over populations. By unraveling case studies from all parts of the world, the ambiguous and fascinating story of new cities and their mile high social and political ambitions unfolds. New Towns on the Cold War Frontier is an ongoing research and book project by Crimson & INTI.
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  • Crimson Historians & Urbanists is door MRP Development gevraagd een bouw- en cultuurhistorische analyse op te stellen voor het Confectiecentrum (in 1991 omgedoopt tot World Fashion Centre) dat in 1968 naar ontwerp van architect Hugh Maaskant (1907-1977) werd opgeleverd in Amsterdam West. De directe aanleiding voor dit onderzoek is de recentelijke verwerving van het World […]
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The Independent School for the City is a school for ‘urbanism’. It is not a design course: it includes sociology, economics, history, anthropology, as well as urban planning and architecture; everything that helps to understand and improve the city.
The International New Town Institute (INTI) is a platform for research, education and knowledge exchange for New Towns.
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Book launch: ‘A City of Comings and Goings'
3 July 2019
July 11th 2019, 15:00
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A City of Comings and Goings at the Venice Architecture Biennale
1 June 2018
PRESS RELEASE - May 30th, 2018
Crimson Architectural Historians – Central Pavilion, room 9 – May 26th - November 25th, 2018
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‘De woningnood heeft Rotterdam overvallen’
23 April 2021Michelle Provoost architectuurhistoricusInterview door Tara Lewis voor NRC 25 maart 2021
Rotterdam heeft meer oog voor de cultuurhistorie, maar er worden nog altijd domme besluiten genomen, zegt Michelle Provoost, winnaar van de Grote Maaskantprijs 2020.
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Hoe corona ons laat zien wat we eigenlijk al wisten

5 July 2020article by Mike Emmerik
Interview in Trouw about lessons from the corona crisis.

5 July 2020Interview with Wouter Vanstiphout
BNSP 2020
18 February 2020lecture by Michelle Provoost / text by Mike Emmerik, Michelle Provoost, Wouter Vanstiphout
Een korte introductie op deze plek IV
23 December 2019lecture by Michelle Provoostde energietransitie
Een korte introductie op deze plek III
23 December 2019lecture by Michelle Provoosthet platteland
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Historical Research and Advice
Meelfabriek CO-OP
20 November 2020Bouw- en cultuurhistorische analyse en waardestellingRotterdam
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Spaanse Polder
16 November 2020Cultuurhistorische Verkenning Rotterdam
26 March 2019Bouw- en cultuurhistorische analyse en waardenstellingAmsterdam
Voormalige RAC-garage
18 July 2018Cultuurhistorische VerkenningRotterdam
Patrimonium’s Hof
1 October 2017Waardenstellend onderzoekRotterdam
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