The Hofbogen’s MINI MALL under construction

23 September 2010

Since 2007 Crimson Architectural Historians has been leading the Hofbogen project in Rotterdam.

The Hofplein viaduct (1905-1908) is a 1.9-kilometer-long viaduct, built in the northern part of Rotterdam in the early 20th century. Since 2007 Hofbogen BV, under the leadership of Crimson Architectural Historians, has already undertaken several projects, ranging from small-scale temporary cultural events to large-scale restoration. The aim of the activities is to restore the neglected Hofplein viaduct to its former glory so that it will actively contribute to the quality of the public surroundings.

The most important focus in Hofbogen’s activities is the redevelopment of the old Hofplein station, which, due to its prominent location in the Pompenburg development area, forms an important link with Rotterdam city centre. The first seven arches will be transformed into the MINI MALL (design by AFARAI and PEÑA architecture), the latest creative hotspot in Rotterdam. The MINI MALL consists of 2500 sq. m. and offers space for special catering outlets, original shop formats for designers, events and festivals and artistic initiatives, with the aim of establishing a lively and healthy mix of creativity and commerciality. The roof of the Hofplein Station and the upgrading of the direct public space will also be included in the plan.

Construction on the project has started recently and the MINI MALL will first open its doors to the public in spring 2011.

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