The Banality of Good at the Dansk Arkitektur Center

30 January 2014

Crimson Architectural Historians is proud to announce the opening of the exhibition The Banality of Good: Six decades of New Towns, Architects, Money and Politics at the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark on February 6th 2014. For this occasion the travelling exhibition is extended with an extra triptych on new town Albertslund!

The exhibition asks: can the design of New Towns again be a subject of collective pride to architects and not of professional shame like it seems to be now? ‘Banality’ is unavoidable when building for the life of millions. But instead of the banality of the icon, the banality of wealth or the banality of fear, like we see in so many new cities presently, can it be the Banality of Good?

The exhibition presents a series of six exemplary cities that were planned in the last six decades. The selected cities are Stevenage (UK), Tema (Ghana), Almere (Netherlands), Alphaville-Tamboré (Brasil), Songjiang (China) and King Abdullah Economic City (Saudi Arabia). The ideals of these cities will be showcased through large allegories on six wooden triptychs that represent both the dreams and the realities of the towns. There are steel and aluminium diagrams that demonstrate the shared DNA of the towns and finally there is an Argument Wall, onto which Crimson has posted her theses on what really matters in New Town planning.

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