This is a BOOK IN PROGRESS by Crimson Historians and Urbanists. Its title is: "New Towns on the Cold War Frontier". At this moment, we present you a list of contents, an introduction and some chapters, each in itself the size of a book and independently readable. In due time there will be more chapters, added one by one. Eventually, the book will be printed in one volume of about 1800 pages. But this will take a while. We and our other authors simply can’t wait that long. Our essays want to get out there and partake in the many discussions on urban planning especially in the developing world. We believe in open source, both as a way of sharing knowledge with anyone interested and as a way to improve our own research with other researcher’s insights.

4 March 2020

Crimson believes that architecture and urbanism can make our cities more resilient to migration. In ‘A City of Comings and Goings’ we bring together a cast of European cities (Amsterdam, London, Prato, Vienna, Berlin and Aarhus) that have been marked by migration. Each cities is represented through a compelling essay by a local scholar. From these cities we have also selected a catalogue of one hundred projects that tackle the issue of migration in many different ways and on different scales. The essays, the catalogue of projects and the manifesto-like introductory essay, make for a book that demonstrates how planning and architectural design can play a crucial role in making the Western European city into a resilient and exciting City of Comings and Goings.

3 July 2019
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