Our cities are increasingly defined by the dynamics of temporary inhabitants: expats, refugees, international students and migrant workers are moving in and out. How can cities better adapt to this phenomenon, that has always shaped and defined urban development but will even more do so in the future?
A City of Comings and Goings is an international research and development project supported by EFL Foundation and BPD developers.

Crimson believes that architecture and urbanism can make our cities more resilient to migration. In ‘A City of Comings and Goings’ we bring together a cast of European cities (Amsterdam, London, Prato, Vienna, Berlin and Aarhus) that have been marked by migration. Each cities is represented through a compelling essay by a local scholar. From these cities we have also selected a catalogue of one hundred projects that tackle the issue of migration in many different ways and on different scales. The essays, the catalogue of projects and the manifesto-like introductory essay, make for a book that demonstrates how planning and architectural design can play a crucial role in making the Western European city into a resilient and exciting City of Comings and Goings.

3 July 2019
1 June 2018 - Crimson Architectural Historians – Central Pavilion, room 9 – May 26th - November 25th, 2018

Design’s role in the ongoing refugee crisis is the focus of this ’Good Design for a Bad World’ talk, which is the second in a five-part series that were streamed live from Dutch Design Week. Dezeen founder Marcus Fairs hosts the discussion, which questions how design, architecture and urbanism could make life easier for refugees and host communities. The speakers (from left) are humanitarian expert Kilian Kleinschmidt, architecture historian Michelle Provoost and critic Rene Boer.

You can watch the video here.

2 November 2017

In the framework of the International Social Housing Festival in Amsterdam, we will present the first research results of our project ’City of Comings and Goings’.

location: het Schip Museum in Amsterdam
date: Sunday, June 18th 2017, from 13:00 – 17:30

7 June 2017

In 2015 Crimson Architectural Historians initiated the research project ’A City of Comings and Goings’ with the aim of researching the spatial impact of migration on (Dutch) cities, villages and landscapes. We understand migration as a structural and permanent factor of (European) cities and therefore expect cities to become increasingly characterized by temporal stays and dynamic lifestyles.

31 May 2017

The initial trigger to write this piece was not the tragedy of the events that took place in Paris on 13 November, but the refugee crisis that the Netherlands and many other European countries have experienced over the past few months. This crisis confronts us with the fragility of how we define and manage our borders. While recent decades have shown that conflicts on the periphery of Europe and beyond have resulted in sudden peaks in numbers of asylum seekers, we were nonetheless ‘surprised’ by the thousands of Syrian refugees arriving in our country, fleeing a conflict that has been going on for years.

18 March 2016 - article by Wouter Vanstiphout and Michelle Provoost