The Independent School for the City and Crimson Historians & Urbanists are ecstatically happy but not at all surprised that our Founding partner Michelle Provoost is this year’s laureate of the biannual Rotterdam Maaskant Award. Every other year the prestigious award is given to a person or an organisation that has distinguished itself in the fields of architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture through journalism, teaching, and/or research activities.

We are extremely happy to announce the new educational programme of the Independent School for the City for the coming year! While the past three months have seen the biggest urban crises in nearly a century wreak havoc on some of our cities, we have used this time to completely retool the programme for 2020 and 2021. Although no one knows in which world we will live while bringing the courses into practice, we have learned that our cities have endless surprises and shocks in stock for us, from death and destruction to forms of collective innovation and creation. We have seen our cities for what they actually are, when all their commercial glamour and political posturing was swept away by the events of our times. Now that public life is slowly picking up again, it’s time to start thinking about their urban futures. That’s why we are confident and excited to present to you our new corona-proof programme!

Our cities are increasingly defined by the dynamics of temporary inhabitants: expats, refugees, international students and migrant workers are moving in and out. How can cities better adapt to this phenomenon, that has always shaped and defined urban development but will even more do so in the future?
A City of Comings and Goings is an international research and development project supported by EFL Foundation and BPD developers.

During the post war period, modernist urban planning was seen by both capitalist as communist countries as an instrument of Cold War politics, embodying values and ideology. Cities in the new nation states in Africa, Asia and Latin America were planned and/or designed with support of the USSR or the USA, to win over populations. By unraveling case studies from all parts of the world, the ambiguous and fascinating story of new cities and their mile high social and political ambitions unfolds.
New Towns on the Cold War Frontier is an ongoing research and book project by Crimson & INTI.

Voor de zomeruitgave 2020 van Architectuur Lokaal, schreef Mike Emmerik een artikel over de impact van corona op onze steden en hoe het virus laat zien wat we eigenlijk al wisten.

5 July 2020 - article by Mike Emmerik
5 July 2020 – Interview with Wouter Vanstiphout
18 February 2020 – lecture by Michelle Provoost / text by Mike Emmerik, Michelle Provoost, Wouter Vanstiphout
23 December 2019 – de energietransitie – lecture by Michelle Provoost
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23 December 2019 – Industriegebouw, Rotterdam – lecture by Michelle Provoost
23 December 2019 – Groothandelsgebouw, Rotterdam – lecture by Michelle Provoost
16 November 2020 - Cultuurhistorische Verkenning
Voormalige RAC-garage
18 July 2018 - Cultuurhistorische Verkenning
Patrimonium’s Hof
1 October 2017 - Waardenstellend onderzoek
Station Almelo
3 July 2017 - Bouw- en Cultuurhistorisch onderzoek en waardestelling