Simone Rots

14 September 2021

Simone Rots is an architectural historian and since 2004 partner of Crimson Historians & Urbanists. She received her PhD from Delft University of Technology on the topic of the meeting point of modern planning and self-organisation. Simone is Network & Financial coordinator of the Independent School for the City. She was director of Hofbogen BV and responsible for the transformation of the nineteenth century monumental train viaduct in Rotterdam, through which she gained experience with creative ways of transforming cultural heritage. Since February 2014, she is managing director of the International New Town Institute (INTI), a think-and-do tank for young cities. She is experienced in developing (cultural) events in the field of architecture and urbanism on an international scale and has worked in Latin America and Africa. She is member of the board of Rotterdam Woont (chair) and Mevrouw Meijer.