Open City: Designing Coexistence - Symposium

March 5, ETH Zurich
5 March 2009

Open City - Reflection and implementation
Dr. Michelle Provoost, Crimson Architectural Historians, Rotterdam, Sub-curator 4th IABR 2009

OPEN CITY - Panel Discussion
Roundtable with theorists and practitioners
Moderator: Dr. Ole Bouman, Director of the Netherlands Architecture Institute NAI Rotterdam

Prof. ir. Kees Christiaanse, Zurich/Rotterdam, 4th IABR 2009
Prof. Dr. Marc Angelil, ETH Zurich, agps.architecture Zurich/Los Angeles
Prof. Dr. Elisabete Franca, Professor of Urban Design, Sao Paulo
Prof. Dr. Wouter Vanstiphout, Rotterdam, Sub-curator 4th IABR 2009
Dr. sc. nat ETH Richard Wolff, Inura Zurich Institute, Zurich