MINI MALL in Architecture in the Netherlands Yearbook 2011/2012

26 April 2012

The MINI MALL (design by: PENA architecture & AFARAI) is presented as one of the 30 most remarkable architecture projects in the 25th edition of the Architecture in the Netherlands Yearbook 2011/2012. On behalf of the owner of the former railway viaduct Hofbogen BV, Crimson Architectural Historians acted as client of this renovation project. The MINI MALL is situated in seven arched spaces (approximately 2500 m2) of the national monument the Hofbogen and has been transformed into a mini shopping mall for creative entrepreneurs. The arches have been fully restored to their original monumental state and the existing interior has been completely stripped and rebuilt to accommodate the new MINI MALL. The MINI MALL currently includes a (jazz) nightclub, restaurants, coffee bar and creative retail, all linked through a semi-public event space.