MINI MALL completed!

15 June 2011

On May 27th Crimson celebrated the casco opening of the MINI MALL in the former Station Hofplein in Rotterdam (design PE√ĎA architecture and Afarai). The completion of the MINI MALL is part of the larger redevelopment project Hofbogen Crimson has been managing since 2007.

The MINI MALL is situated in seven arched spaces (approximately 2500 m2) of the national monument the Hofbogen and the next couple of months will be turned into a mini shopping mall for creative entrepreneurs. The arches have been fully restored to their original monumental state and the existing interior has been completely stripped and rebuilt to accomodate the new MINI MALL. The future MINI MALL will include a (jazz) nightclub, restaurants, coffee bar and creative retail, all linked through a semi-public event space. The project will be festively opened in September 2011.


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