Independent School for the City launches its educational programme for the coming year

2020 and 2021
5 July 2020

We are extremely happy to announce the new educational programme of the Independent School for the City for the coming year! While the past three months have seen the biggest urban crises in nearly a century wreak havoc on some of our cities, we have used this time to completely retool the programme for 2020 and 2021. Although no one knows in which world we will live while bringing the courses into practice, we have learned that our cities have endless surprises and shocks in stock for us, from death and destruction to forms of collective innovation and creation. We have seen our cities for what they actually are, when all their commercial glamour and political posturing was swept away by the events of our times. Now that public life is slowly picking up again, it’s time to start thinking about their urban futures. That’s why we are confident and excited to present to you our new corona-proof programme!

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