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27 August 2019

Starting in October 2019, the Independent School for the City will offer a variety of educational programmes ranging from a 4-day crash course on filmmaking in relation to architecture and the city, to an intensive 12-week programme on contemporary urbanism. The activist and multidisciplinary approach of the Independent School is strongly embedded in all activities, whether you participate in one single course or sign up for all of them. Visit the website to see the full programme:



Crash course on filmmaking in relation to city and architecture, organized in collaboration with the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam. The studio offers a comprehensive way to use cinematic language in architecture and urban design. From research, scriptwriting and storyboarding, to filming and post production. The course focuses on learning and understanding the narrative of filmmaking and its application in the design process, a hands-on studio in which students will be structuring stories and going through all stages of filmmaking. Read more…

Date: 05 - 08 October 2019
Tutors: Jord den Hollander, Lotte Schreiber and Gys Zevenbergen
Application Deadline: 9 September 2019
Number of participants: 12 – 25
Participation fee: 195 Euro



Architecture and urban planning are typically focused more of the physical manifestations of the design then the strategical and financial structuring that could drive the realization of the design. In architecture and urban planning education, there is also rarely attention given to the role of clients, let alone to capital as a force that shapes our build environment.

In this two week workshop, we want to critically explore and uncover the role of capital in the way our cities and buildings are being shaped. We will look at the city through the lens of global capital in order to understand how we could use that view in order to shape our vision of a better city. We will do that by using the classical economic analyses of the city by researching the roles of Property (land and real estate), Labour (in this case, architecture and design) and Capital (finance).

For this workshop we will use Rotterdam as site, which, due it’s partial destruction during WWII, has over the last 70 years been a rich testing ground for real estate development experiments. Read more...

Date: 21 October – 01 November 2019
Tutors: Nanne de Ru, Kevin Laurence Snel, Wouter Vanstiphout, Michelle Provoost
Lecturers (tbc): Bas van Bavel (on capital and property historically) / Joep van Lieshout (artists working on his own development in Rotterdam) / Nanne de Ru (architect and developer) / Oliver Wainwright (London and the influences of global capital)
Application Deadline: 09 September 2019
Number of participants: 10 – 30
Participation fee: 800 Euro



With this one-week course we aim to make visible what is invisible from the official imagery of the city. We want to confront the city with its own reality, perhaps with its own impending demise, in order to force a debate. The artist and photographer Ruben Dario Kleimeer, who has developed his reputation and craft with reportages on the aggressive growth of Chinese cities, together with Crimson Historians and Urbanists, will join with the participants in documenting and visualizing the landscape of fossil energy and economy in the Rotterdam area. The main result of the workshop will be a set of photographic images that complement a set of maps and statistics. Together they will make an honest portrait of a side of our western European economy that, even if it is being obscured from view, still dominates the way we live and breathe.

The studio is open to a wide array of people, students and professionals, with a creative, research, journalistic or technical background. Photographic skills are not required, a visual imagination however is. The workshop will culminate in a photography exhibition and a debate with city officials, planners and researchers. Read more…

Date: 25 – 29 November 2019
Tutors: Ruben Dario Kleimeer and Crimson Historians & Urbanists
Application Deadline: 09 October 2019
Number of participants: 10 – 30
Participation fee: 450 Euro



This intensive 3 month programme on Contemporary Urbanism takes the modern city as its subject and Rotterdam as its testing ground. Using the School’s methodological triad of Research, Stories and Strategies we will explore the contradictions and complexities of contemporary cities, like the effects of migration, inequality in the housing situation and the stubborn presence of a fossil fueled economy. Bringing together different fields from artistic expression to technical engineering, we will use Rotterdam as a pars-pro-toto for cities all over the world. Participants in the program will be offered weekly lectures and excursions, a series of workshops focusing on specific disciplines and methods, tutoring by a diverse team of specialists, designers and researchers, the chance to work together in a community of learning and the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and develop their ideas. Read more…

Date: 03 February – 24 April 2020
Tutors: Thijs Barendse, Elma van Boxel, Ewout Dorman, Mike Emmerik, Edith Gruson, Gerard Hadders, Jord den Hollander, Sam Jacob, Kristian Koreman, Herman Kossmann, Sereh Mandias, Annuska Pronkhorst, Michelle Provoost, Arnold Reijndorp, Simone Rots, Dirk Sijmons, Wouter Vanstiphout, Cassandra Wilkins, and many more
Application Deadline: 1 December 2019
Number of participants: 10 – 30
Participation fee: 3000 Euro

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