Doughnut: The Outer London Festival

September 5th, 2015, Queen Anne building of the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London
A day long exploration of London's rapidly transforming periphery
17 August 2015

af-logo-large.gif"This one day event, on September 5th, will bring together writers, historians, architects and economists to discuss the development of London's peripheral boroughs. Doughnut will be the first event of its kind – an adventurous celebration of all things Outer London and a critical reflection on the rapid transformation that the city's periphery is currently experiencing."

15.00 Future of Housing in the Periphery
Wouter Vanstiphout | Michelle Provoost
You can tell a lot about a city from its edges. The periphery can be a test bed for social and urban experimentation but also a challenging territory fraught with tension and socioeconomic challenges. In this session Wouter Vanstiphout and Michelle Provoost of the Rotterdam-based Crimson Architectural Historians, explore the potential of London’s edges drawing comparisons from their extensive experience working with European cities and a radical reading of London’s post-riot landscape.

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