4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

24 September 2009 - 10 January 2010
Subcurated by Crimson Architectural Historians
1 September 2009

Crimson Architectural Historians will be subcurating the 4th International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The 4th IABR is being held at various locations in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) is the main venue, the heart of the biennale. The VPRO program will be presented on radio, television, and internet as well as in the NAI.

As subcurators of the theme "The Make-able City (Rotterdam: De Maakbare Stad)" Crimson Architectural Historians will offer a diptych consisting of a polemical exhibition showing the travails of the Open City in Rotterdam and the shifting positions of the architectural profession, and a pro-active project involving architects in coalitions with local stakeholders to (re)develop a number of urgent sites and programs in the city of Rotterdam. Informed by the complexity of Rotterdam as a collage of Open City types, we hope to create some facts on the ground, that will show the relevance of architectural and planning practices for the social, economic and cultural development of the City.

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