18 December 2015

December 4th until February 28th, exhibition Do You Hear the People Sing? at the 2015 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture in Shenzhen

Cultural & historical analysis of office building Rivierstaete, Amsterdam

Cultural & historical analysis of former Erdal-complex, Amersfoort

October 2nd Crimson celebrates 21st anniversary

Quick Scan Schiekade 45, Rotterdam

October 8th, Accra, Ghana, opening of the exhibition The Banality of Good. Six decades of New Towns, Architects, Money and “Politics”

September 5th Doughnut: The Outer London Festival; lecture Michelle Provoost and Wouter Vanstiphout at the Queen Anne building of the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London

‘The Granary. Food Security, Cities and Architecture’ opening in Maxxi Museum Rome May 29th until November 8th

Cultural & historical analysis of Stadion Feyenoord, ’De Kuip’ 2, Rotterdam

Wouter Vanstiphout hoogleraar Ontwerp en Politiek

Michelle Provoost director International New Town Institute