9 March 2011

INTI at the SZHK Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture 2011

cultural & historical analysis "Station Enschede".

INVITE!!, opening MiniMall

What now for the regeneration of London?, interview with Wouter Vanstiphout

Back to normal?, article by Wouter Vanstiphout

cultural & historical analysis "Het Bouwcentrum en Wall Relief no 1.".

Rondleiding in de Mini Mall

may 27th Crimson celebrated the casco opening of the MINI MALL in the former Station Hofplein in Rotterdam

february 3 lecture Wouter Vanstiphout at the Architectural Association, London

Wouter Vanstiphout hoogleraar Ontwerp en Politiek

director International New Town Institute

general management for Hofbogen BV (de Hofbogen)