1 January 2001

crimson-log 2001-2002

projectleaders for WiMBY!, the International Building Exposition Rotterdam Hoogvliet 2001-2010, www.wimby.nl

exhibition and publication Post.Rotterdam, Architecture and City after the tabula rasa, Porto (Portugal), with: Pedro Gadanho, commissioned by: Porto 2001. Post. Rotterdam. Architecture and City after the tabula rasa, 010 publishers, Rotterdam/Porto 2001

Organisation of national debate on future of landscape heritage ‘Belvedere’, NAi Rotterdam

Lecture 'Too Blessed to be Depressed', at: Steierische Herbst, Graz, Oostenrijk / Academie voor kunst en architectuur, Wenen, Oostenrijk / conference Performing the City, Porto, cultural city 2001, Portugal

Infrastructure studio, Academy of Architecture Rotterdam, with: Peter Trummer and Astrid Piber

Website www.avbr.nl, Academy of Architecture Rotterdam

Visual Communication Studio Hoogvliet/Delhi, Post Graduate School for Graphic Design Breda, with Gerard Hadders

Lecture 'WiMBY!', IFHP congres, Rotterdam

Series of essays on contemporary architecture and urbanism for Newspaper BN/De Stem

Concept for Rotterdam architecture biennial ‘Take A Stand’.

Lecture Architecture Conference Tromsö, Norway

Architecture and Urban Planning Studio, MRD Program, Southern California Institute for Architecture, Los Angeles, California, with: Rients Dijkstra, Michael Speaks & Minke Themans

ThinkTank ‘ Creative Cities', for Ministry of Housing, Planning and the Environment, The Hague