1 January 2000

crimson-log 2000-2001

projectleaders for the International Building Exposition Rotterdam Hoogvliet 2001-2010, WiMBY! (www.wimby.nl)

teacher at the Metropolitan Research + Design Program, Southern California institute for Arhcitecture

publication WiMBY! Welcome into My Backyard!, International Building Exhibition Rotterdam-Hoogvliet, for the International Building Exposition Rotterdam Hoogvliet 2001-2010, NAi publishers, Rotterdam 2000

urban design for the Kunstberg/ Mont des Arts Brussel/Bruxelles, commissioned by Brussel/Bruxelles 2000, with Max 1.

contribution to symposium ‘Dag van IJburg’, Amsterdam

exhibition ‘Big Soft Orange’, Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, Verenigde Staten

lecture 'WiMBY! & Mart Stam’s Trousers', ETH Basel, Switzerland

lecture 'WiMBY!', Linz, Oostenrijk

lecture Habitat conference Buenos Aires, Argentinïe

workshop and lectures, DiTella Insititute, Buenos Aires, Argentina

publication Ruimtelijke Ordening als deel van het Cultuurbeleid, Ministerie voor Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschappen, Den Haag

exhibition ‘The Stadium. The Architecture of Mass Sports’, NAi Rotterdam

publication Het Stadion. De architectuur van massasport, NAi publishers, Rotterdam 2000

collage, ‘The Stadium. The architecture of Mass Sports’ on southwall of the Netherlands Architecture Institute Rotterdam