1 January 1999

crimson-log 1999-2000

publication Mart Stam’s Trousers. Stories from behind the scenes of Dutch Moral Modernism, with Michael Speaks en Gerard Hadders, 010 Publishers

exhibition ‘What If?’ in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

exhibition ‘Big Soft Orange’ in: Storefront Gallery/Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, New York City; Sci-Arc, Los Angeles; CCCA, San Francisco

contribution to the manifestation ‘Mobiliteit als uitdaging’ (Mobility as a challenge), Erasmus Universiteit, with Jaap Modder, director NIROV

Member of the Quality Team for Leidsche Rijn

educational project ‘De Stad’ (the city), at the Postgraduate School for Graphic Design, Breda

design for 'Straatbrug Fina', Vlaardingen Westwijk

lectures at the Academy for Architecture on ‘Infrastructure and the City’

coaching graduate students TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and several Academies

Member of the jury for the EO Wijers competition

Member of the jury Rietveld award Utrecht

urban design for the 'Leuvehaven', commissioned by Wijkontwikkelings Maatschappij, Maritiem Museum and Maritiem Buitenmuseum

architectural design for 'stairs' in Leuvehaven, commissioned by Maritiem Buitenmuseum Rotterdam

atelier Stedelijk Realisme (Urban realism) at the Academy for Visual Arts in Arnhem

contribution and publication for workshop Maasvlakte II

lecture 'WiMBY! & Mart Stam’s Trousers' and workshop, Academy for architecture, Oslo, Norway

lecture 'Mart Stam’s Trousers', Form Zero Gallery & bookstore, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

lecture 'Big Soft Orange', California Center for Architecture, San Francisco, U.S.A.

educational project ‘Urban Sprawl’, at the Southern California Institute for Architecture

contribution to the project Ruimtelijke kwaliteit Corridorontwikkeling (Urban quality of infrastructural corridors), commissioned by INCODELTA

‘Bleeding Pages’, with Chris Dercon, Metropolis M

teacher Postgraduate School for Graphic Design, Academy St.Joost Breda

article 'Hot AIR', Archis 1999 nr.1

exhibition ‘Dutchtown’, NAi Rotterdam

publication (with Bernard Colenbrander and Floris Alkemade) Dutchtown. O.M.A.’s meesterproef in Almere, NAi publishers, Rotterdam 1999