Crimson believes that architecture and urbanism can make our cities more resilient to migration. In ‘A City of Comings and Goings’ we bring together a cast of European cities (Amsterdam, London, Prato, Vienna, Berlin and Aarhus) that have been marked by migration. Each cities is represented through a compelling essay by a local scholar. From these cities we have also selected a catalogue of one hundred projects that tackle the issue of migration in many different ways and on different scales. The essays, the catalogue of projects and the manifesto-like introductory essay, make for a book that demonstrates how planning and architectural design can play a crucial role in making the Western European city into a resilient and exciting City of Comings and Goings.

3 July 2019
1 June 2018 - Crimson Architectural Historians – Central Pavilion, room 9 – May 26th - November 25th, 2018
19 November 2015
28 February 2014 - Debatavond:
7 August 2013 - British Pavilion at Venice 2014
28 August 2012
1 September 2009 - 24 September 2009 - 10 January 2010
5 June 2003
22 November 1999

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